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"Life is the time in which we seek God. Death is the time in which we find Him.
Eternity is the time in which we have Him."
St. Francis de Sales

Wirtualny cmentarz dla ludzi i zwierząt

     "A man lives as long as the memory of him lasts" ....       

A cemetery is a space of memory, a "Book" reflecting on life and the meaning of existence, a community of the living and the dead. The Memorial Cemetery is an internet site that allows us to be close to our dead at any time. As in a traditional cemetery, our portal allows you to place a virtual tombstone, light a symbolic candle, place flowers, add condolences, and store memories and photos about loved ones. The Memorial Cemetery is divided into a cemetery for people, Aleja meritorious, and a cemetery for animals, because we also do not forget about our little ones.  Our website is not only an opportunity to honor the dead, but also to support the living. We enable participation in online masses. We provide a free telephone number where you can get professional psychological help. We offer a funeral guide - the first steps after the loss of a loved one.